Treatment Plan

From 2012 – the calendar of the overall treatment of the invading cancer bugs. I will make changes as they are determined. I was diagnosed with Stage 3 cancer with T2N1 (tumor is multi-focal, and I have a suspicious lymph node)


4 rounds of Adriamycin doxorubicin and Cytoxan cyclophosphamide (AC) over 3 months – BAD drugs, big dose, big side effects

  • February 24 – DONE!
  • March 16 – DONE!
  • April 6 – DONE!
  • April 27 DONE!

12 rounds of taxol over three months (weekly) – lower dose, cumulative fatigue, impacts nails and hair and extremities

  • May 10 – DONE!
  • May17 – DONE!
  • May 24 (our 10 year wedding anniversary – lovely) – DONE!
  • May 30- DONE!
  • June 7- DONE!
  • June14- DONE!
  • June 21- DONE!
  • June 28- DONE!
  • July 5- DONE!
  • July 12- DONE!
  • July 19- DONE!
  • July 26- DONE!


Bilateral mastectomy on August 16th – Done!


Radiation – 6 weeks, daily doses – DONE

Sept  13th – Oct 30th

RECOVER – Reconstruction in 2013 – DONE

Tamoxifen for the next 10 years: Tamoxifen blocks the actions of estrogen and is used to treat and prevent some types of breast cancer. It has been shown to shrink the chance of recurrence by half for those with hormone positive cancers … but it has some rather nasty side effects – anxiety, insomnia, weight gain, among others …

3 responses to “Treatment Plan

  1. Ellen Gold

    Thank you so very much for keeping your energy to continue your blog. Your inspiration has been an incredible blessing! Your words make me laugh, cry and think:) I was diagnosed in October of 2010, like you my doctors moved aggressively. Not sure I made any decisions myself, but I trust them and I know what they did was best for me. The Willifords are in my Sunday School at church, Jeremy spoke of your journey and I was amazed (and cried) and couldn’t wait to catch up/follow your blog. Please keep up your wonderful gift of sharing your journey. If you would like to go to another Pink Ribbon Cowgirls lunch, please let me know and I will pick you up!
    Blessings and hugs to you, Ellen Gold
    ps I was born on Easter but I have had my birthday on it TWICE :)))


    Love your blog. You go girl.

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