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I realized after finishing my post it was a symptom of my mood … After two naps today I was struggling to determine how to voice my moving forward speed. But I didn’t tell of the joys of this week. The small joys, the big ones. The news that keep me going, us all going. Henry and I had a special movie night in his honor Wednesday …SAM seminal moment for any child of our, the watching of the first star wars movie. He had been playing wii Lego star wars and so knew the characters .. C3po “worries too much” he would say in the movie, and I was there when he got worried. What happened to Obie wan? Did he die? Was he part of the force? After, he said it was way more awesome than he thought and less scary, now he is planning for our next movie … I’m hoping we move to Indiana jones 🙂 I also made a decision this week for me. There are some clothes I have in my closet that I save for special occasions … Like china for our wedding. I decided this week to wear the pretty clothes, wear what I want and feel good in because that’s what really matters … Not if the sequins fall off or the thing has to be dry cleaned. Right now we are going with happy, in between the naps …I think it’s a good philosophy.

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