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Day Two and Three – Ned on Nausea

It’s been a relatively quiet couple of days. I am more active than I anticipated would be possible – but that’s like comparing a sloth to a turtle. I go domnstairs a few times a day – yesterday took a nap, and deal with the medical fun of my surgery. I will spare you to gory details, but I have drains, and I get to empty them three times a day and also mask them from prying children eyes but hiding them in garments.

The first few days it was in a beautiful adorable jammie from my friend Sara, today it’s in a pair of jammie tops because I spilt so much food on the other jammie. Yup – eating well (pancakes, Maggianos, cookies, and brownies – plus of course my ever present mints, water, and G2 gatorade). I busted out a move to Dr. Pepper today just as a treat but I think I will still need a nap.

The only odd thing yesterday was a bout of nausea so quick and stealthy it was an assault on my senses. It tooke place while I was dealing with my drains so it could have been further reinforcement that I made the right choice in not going to medical school, or it could have been some kind of medical by product. Anywhoo took my nausea meds, conked out, and awoke four hours later better. No problems since.

I have been able to do things I wasn’t expecting – opening the fridge door, picking a dandruff te size of quarter out of my hair (yes I have dandruff now in my one inch mane) and managing to get in and out of my bed by myself. I am answering emails, chatting (a bit) and generally being a slowly improving invalid.

Like I said before, nothing compared to what I expected or to the pain of a C section with nursing. So I’m happy with that. SO happy in fact that I’ve started poking around on twitter and pinterest. Not too much of a user, but I hope to have my way. If you are interested, my good friend who’s a senior at Duke, Allison Vernerey – who is the founder of the Blue Devils vs. Cancer student branch. She lives in France and the team is traveling in Europe – and had dinner at her house. Here’s a clip and article: www.goduke.com/ViewArticle.dbml?DB_LANG=C&ATCLID=205621411&DB_OEM_ID=4200

Anywhoo – news is great. Seeing my surgeon a week from Monday to hopefully get the drains out, Hearing from the surgeon on Mon/Tues to find out the path report on my lone node which looked clean. If it is clean, maybe no radiation. Not counting on it, but you never know. I would love to get now boobs from Nordstrom regardless – if only to say so.

And maybe there’s an emotional component that will sneak up on me, but right now I’m just happy. Happy I feel so good, happy everything went so well and happy I might be officially cancer free. I didn’t like my old ladies my anyhow. 😉 And, good news is that because of all this, my ladies will get adjusted for eternity. SO mine will be perky even when I’m seventy. Another good note.

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