Arts and Crafts

November 2016 – call to musicians to help with an Art Bra Austin 2017 piece – details here


Our family often creates things … whether fanged pillows, forts, or Christmas ornaments. One of my favorite fun things in the middle of chaos is to lose myself in an art project. Here I will share some of our favorites.

Ane you can checck out the new family adventure – an etsy page – here

From 2013:

Owlets – we are making these for Carter’s class pumpkin – one for each kiddo perched out of the pumpkin. They are made with a toilet paper tub and a few cupcake liners cut in two (along with google eyes and some foam stickies.











Another fun craft for pumpkins – bats flying over Austin. Each kiddo makes a bat and they fly over the Austin skyline. Stay tuned for pics of this year’s pumpkin.

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