About Team Ward

This was originally going to be a slightly anonymous blog about adventures in Dubai, parenting and a small blip of breast cancer.

Then it became the official Team Ward blog with updates on health, happiness, and the low points of fighting the good fight. I was diagnosed in 2012, rendered cancer free in August of 2012, and continued surgeries, and procedures until late 2013. I am in treatment for the next ten years … but cancer free (or No Evidence of Disease- NED).

Life now consists of managing a busy household of some of the most amazing individuals on the planet. My husband and I are both MBAs from Duke undergrad who met at Club Med. We are avid tennis players, basketball fans, play golf, and love our kids. Davis has been an amazing supporter – cheering me on, holding my hand, and helping to smooth the VERY rough parts of the last three years. He is funny, super smart, caring, considerate … and I am so lucky to have him as my partner.

My children – Henry (age 9) is a growing fount of information, consideration, intelligence, and awesome strength. He is the best big brother you could want, sweet, caring, and a fantastic student, friend, and son.Third grade has been hard – the abhorrent standardized tests, and associated stress have made it a challenge to encourage a love of learning. A diagnosis of dyslexia has led us down the public school always of accommodation and intervention, but it’s been messy. Through it all Henry has been patient, loving, communicative … he now loves Percy Jackson and has read 6 books between January and May. He excels at balance sports and rock limbing and is an amazing team member on basketball, socccer, swimming and now baseball.

My twins are equally amazing – Emmy (age 7) is unlike any child I have ever met. She is a combination of bulldozer, fashionista, advocate, storyteller with an imagination that would stretch for miles. She is beautiful, funny, and already a flirt especially with older friends and Dads. She is also creative and crafty and determined and SO intelligent. Just one month ago she decided to open her own etsy site. SHe is also athletically amazing – picking up baskteball with ease, contributing on the soccer team, and now swimming on the swim team like she was born to do it. https://www.etsy.com/shop/EMMYSCOOLCRAFTS

Carter (age 7) is the true definition of gifted. His favorite activities are counting, spelling, playing Uno (although if you play your hand slowly he’ll start putting together a puzzle on the side) and making up games with multiple phases and strategies. He will beat any of us at chess, and is a smart, consistently great soccer and basketball player. He loves to snuggle – still – and has his favorites of red and elephants. We discovered that he waas, indeed, colorblind, so we’re not sure what red looks like to him, but it hasn’t stopped him one bit from excelling at school, friendships, and being an amazing son.

Both boys have freckles and smiles to die for. And Emmy’s curly hair is a thing of WELL, it’s beautiful and crazy and a pain in the tuckus to comb, but it’s definitely a signature look. I can’t wait to see them all grow and learn and contribute to the world:

Cameron, our dog, puts up with a lot. He is a beautiful loving soul who tells us everything he needs which is helpful in our chaotic household. He is almost 12.

We added another living thing to the mix last year – another dog, Georgia. She is hilariously uncoordinated, still a puppy, sweet, loving, very vocal (lots of impatient sighs and persistent grumbles) and a fuzzy warm addition to the family.

for pictures see: wardspictures.shutterfly.com

One response to “About Team Ward

  1. Lisa Sanchez Ceragioli

    I just heard of your struggle through Becky McDonald Johnson. I want you know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. I will be keeping up with you via this blog (you are amazing!).
    When, and if you want, please send me a personal email. I would love to talk to you.
    In one of your posts, you wrote that the year of the dragon is not supposed to be your year… but from the way your are writing (amazingly strong) it sounds like it is gonna be! You Go Girl. Kick BUTT!
    Hope to talk to you soon – and stay strong!
    Lisa Sanchez Ceragioli

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