The Good Problems to Have

Yes, it’s 5.45am on a Saturday. I am so excited and nervous and my mind is buzzing so I can’t get back to sleep. It’s ridiculous, because I just got off a two week stint with Davis gone and an obscenely packed schedule. But I can’t help it – I feel alive again and my mind is pacing on normality.

I am running through my activities as coach of the Under 8 Blue Jedis – our first game is today and we may have one player missing so I spent 40 minutes last night working on a rotation schedule where everyone gets to play sweeper and striker and an even amount of time and two of my more excitable boys aren’t on the bench at the same time and two of my four kids that have played soccer before with the big kid rules are in and I think I deserve some kind of problem solving award. I was about to look online for a logic puzzle that could help. If two fo players 1,2,3,4 need to be on the field, and players 4 and 5 shouldn’t be out at the same time, and all players need to be position A and position B at some point, and all players need to play the same amount, create a rotation schedule for players 1-7. seriously.

I am excited because Davis is home – we have had a rough time with homework and managing our schedule and having a partner here to share in the commitment is necessary.

I am excited because we have decided to start working on the house and have a few projects pending – some glamorous like new light fixtures … other not like new windows. I am thinking of our bank account, what we can set aside for the next refresh project, and how we can somehow manage to do a master bath remodel and a backyard patio in 2014.

And, I am obsessed with puppies. Our dog is wonderful. He is our fourth child. He is hilarious, sweet, a complete food monger – usually nabbing at least one item a week be it a loaf of bread or someone’s hot dog – but he’s 10 and I want another little guy to learn from him. I have allergies as does Emmy so instead of rescuing a dog this time around we are aiming for a doodle. (We can’t seem to rescue one because A-they don’t get loose very often and B-the rescue organizations that do handle them won’t adopt out to a family with small kids). SO I am patiently waiting until Christmas. OK, maybe not so patiently, I will wear down Davis shortly.

I know he’s overwhelmed after a two week trip for work, but I am too – it’s things like how to help Henry master Mandarin – he apparently does fine orally but needs tow work on written comprehension. Really? Week 3? How to get everything done during the week when I am working the entire time the kids are at school.

But ultimately, these are extraordinarily good problems to have. I will take these problems any day and wake up early ready to tackle them. I truly have a new outlook thanks to cancer, and I will forever be grateful.

That doesn’t mean that I don’t need an “atta girl” every once in a while – so if you see me, feel free! (And be sure to tell Davis – ha!)

And, I scheduled my last surgery … in October … I will get nipples after 14 months without. How about them apples?

Now off to a day of soccer – Team Ward truly.


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2 responses to “The Good Problems to Have

  1. 1createblogs

    Great post.Thanks

  2. “Atta girl” from me…all the way!! God Bless!!

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